Pretty hard to narrow it down to top 10 stress management techniques. This could easily be “100 Stress Management Tips”, as there are many different ways to approach this mission. As categories go there is:
a) Mental
b) Physical
c) Diet
d) Dietary Supplements- Please read through this section as it contains important info not commonly found !
e) combination of some or all of the above
Relaxing with Music

Relaxing with Music




1) Meditation
2) Write down 2011 what the issues are that cause you stress.
3) Imagery- Imagine your are laying on the beach or under a shade tree- relaxing
4) Do you have someone you can tell all your problems to ? It can really help to get things off your chest.
5) Catch up on your sleep. This helps your body relax and recover. Being well rested may also make stress easier to deal with tomorrow.
6) Spend quality time with your family.
7) Spiritual time. Go to church or synagogue.
8) Work on a balance of your priorities. Family, work, recreation, spiritual. Schedule time for all. (Time management)
9) Assess the conversation going on in your mind. Work on turning it in positive directions. It is true that a problem if seen as an opportunity is far less stressful.
10)If you just can’t do it yourself consider a support group or counseling. If a professional is out of reach there is a very good online program that is not so expensive and very productive. Here is a link to a program I know to be very effective:
Click here to visit E-Stress Management.

Yoga- Physical & Mental

Yoga- Physical & Mental



Talk to your Doctor before beginning any of the physical top 10 stress management techniques !


Physical excersize can work wonders at relieving stress. 30 minutes daily is best, but any is better than none ! You can also start with shorter times and work your way up.


1) Yoga is an excellent combination of both physical and mental stress relief !
2) Take the dog for a walk. My parents used to always walk the dog on the beach ! Relaxing Excersize ! Perfect !
3) Lifting weights is highly recommended for people with diabetes (which often follows long periods wholesale NFL jerseys of chronic stress and high cortisol). Benefits include: a lesser risk of heart diseases,better use of blood sugar, lose weight and improved insulin response.
4) Go Golfing, But only if you don’t take it too seriously <a href="" onclick="__gaTracker('send', 'event', 'outbound-article', 'http://www.easynews visit this’, ‘Características’);”>Características !
5) If you are so inclined (I am) go work with horses. They are like a four legged mirror. If you are stressed they will be, they will tell you when you relax (and help you to do so). With the many equine therapy programs in existence there are programs you would benefit from or could volunteer to help with !
6) Put cheap NFL jerseys on some music and dance around the room !
7) Cleaning and organizing your house can be good excersize if you pick up the pace a bit, Shopping will also help your mind when you are done.
8) I don’t enjoy running or walking so much so I joined the YMCA and get great benefit from swimming laps.
9) Do some yard work or gardening
10)Join a volleyball, softball, bowling or basketball league ! A great chance to make new friends and get excersize.

A Relaxing Massage

A Relaxing Massage




Diet is a tough one. Caffeine, alcohol, nicotine – gone – all very bad for you and all likely crutches to use as stress increases. Sugar and fats are the same story. They should be replaced with:


1) Lettuce,cabbage
2) Fruits
3) Low fat meats
4) Pistachios, cashews
5) Avocados
6) Waste Almonds
7) Spinach
8) Fish – fatty- tuna, salmon. High in Omega 3
9) Raw Vegetables

Walk On The Beach

Walk On The Beach




Dietary Supplements may be the easiest of the THE categories of our 10 top strategies for our “Top 10 Stress Management Techniques. So far I’ve only found 2 I can recommend. The Physicians Desk Reference has helped this to be simplified in the current edition with a double blind study (the gold standard, most reliable). They have found a supplement that reduces the stress hormone cortisol and balances the other hormones and amino acids to help the body return to it’s natural balanced state (homeostasis) and to provide major benefits to the circulatory system. I can Elewacja testify to this as I have been taking this supplement for several months. It does reduce stress and actually help you to be calmer and much slower to react badly to stressful situations. It also helps you to sleep much better, causes your hair to grow in thicker, your eyesight to improve and allegedly your nails to grow in stronger (as a guy I really don’t know about this one). It is called Laminine and at this link site there is another link directly to the Physicians cheap nfl jerseys Desk Reference mentioned earlier. As studied this product taken with a sister product Omega + (same study in the same Physicians Desk Reference). If anyone knows of any other product with cheap jerseys proof of effectiveness this compelling please email me at and I would be happy to research and review it.

Now we know the different Physical, Mental and Dietary changes we need to be making to control Stress and from the last post The Stress Hormone Cortisol Symptoms we know the many terrible effects of Chronic Stress. What we need at this point is an effective program to put it all together and help us to implement these many changes in lifestyle we need to make. This won’t be easy, but it can be done. We can either begin a program with a qualified Therapist (probably $120-200 per hour) or I can recommend the following 8 week online course(in the neighborhood of $100.00 total). This course has been known to have a very high success rate and would be a very good choice.
Click here to visit E-Stress Management.

I want to know what you are thinking, what you would like more info on and where you are at with stress management !
Please comment below !



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  1. I think we all need to deal with a certain level of stress in our lives. Thank you for this information! Ive found exercise, music, and even some quiet time really helps. Like you mentioned, talking to someone also helps greatly as you offload feelings and it also helps you process and think things through.

  2. Hi there,
    I love your site! I think stress is such a huge issue on many people’s lives and it can have such a detrimental effect on overall health. I believe many people live with above-average stress levels, which then manifest themselves as other health conditions later on in life. Even if we don’t feel very stressed, the techniques you mention are going to benefit our state of mind and contribute to good health. I particularly like your pointer to identify any key triggers – this can be a really valuable step in helping to reduce effects. Thanks for a great article.

    • Hi Mara !

      Thank you for stopping by. Very nice to meet you! Appreciate your good review. I’ll be publishing a new post about every week and hope you can stop back ! If you want to fill out the form with your e-mail I’ll be glad to keep you updated ! Have a great day !

      Regards !


  3. Thank you for this! the techniques that you mentioned were spot on and I defintley will be incorporating them when I am stressed.

    meditation helps a ton when I am stressed so I can 100% vouch for that. Very informative post and I am so lucky to have found it!

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